Cost Effective and Quality GIS, Mapping and Drone Solutions


Drone Imagery & UAV Surveys

GSM provides high resolution imagery and videography services to mining, real estate, agriculture, local government, commercial and industrial applications. GSM provides the latest in in UAV technology by using latest  technology Including:

  • NIR and NDRE mapping analysis;

  • Inspection;

  • 3D modelling;

  • Aerial Survey with mapping of surveyed data; and

  • Asset management – data collection and system establishment.

GSM is also able to assist in client specific Remote Sensing Analysis tasks.


Mapping & GIS

GSM provides the latest in GIS mapping and cartographic services relating to the following areas:

  • Heritage

  • Flora/fauna 

  • Tenement

  • Environment

  • Mining

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Marketing material

  • ASX release material/mapping 

  • 3D analysis 

  • Advanced database reporting

  • Advanced database queries 

  • Line of sight analysis 

  • 3D visualisation and modelling 

  • volumes cut/fill

  • Aerial Photography / Imagery Procurement

  • Imagery Processing and integration into corporate GIS

  • Cadastre

  • Topography

  • Government agencies data

  • Digitising

  • Sourcing of "historic" data


Survey & Technology Solutions

By working closely with clients GSM can implement digital capture systems and improve data quality with mobile and handheld data capture solutions.

GSM  has the latest in surveying technology to provide affordable and efficient surveying solutions for any task.

GSM can assist in implementing customised web mapping solutions to suit client specific purposes.




Griffin Spatial and Mapping Pty Ltd deliver efficient, high quality and cost effective spatial solutions to mining, agriculture, government and utility industries. Griffin Spatial & Mapping provides specialist GIS services and niche skills with a flexible “can do” approach.

Todd Griffin is the Director of Griffin Spatial and Mapping based in Bunbury, Western Australia. Todd has a background in the establishment of corporate GIS system and management of GIS teams. He has facilitated the development of highly customised operational and strategic GIS systems for mining and major infrastructure projects.


Todd and his team have had several years of experience in the development of GIS systems, management of complex spatial data repositories, map production systems as well as the implementation of mobile data capture processes.

The Griffin Spatial team has CASA accreditation and a full UAV operator’s certificate (UOC) to operate and fly unmanned aerial vehicles. With specialised capabilities in vegetation health both near infrared and red edge.




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Fully CASA Certified



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